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Six Sigma



Lean, Six Sigma, people and organisations

5 September 2014 | By Dr. Stephen McGrath, Teva Pharmaceuticals Ireland (TPI)

Organisations are constantly striving to drive down costs while maintaining the quality of their products and services. In recent years, much has been written in both the academic and practitioner literature on the application of Lean principles for the elimination of waste and focusing of energies on value-creating activities.


Six Sigma: How Rottapharm is using Lean Six Sigma principles

20 August 2013 | By Richard Hayes, Continuous Improvement Manager, Rottapharm

From their headquarters based in Monza, Italy, Rottapharm’s long history of success began in 1961 with the creation of a small laboratory for independent research. The company from its early beginning has continuously invested in research, innovation and development of pharmaceutical products for distribution on a worldwide scale. After acquiring…


PharmaChemical Ireland launch innovation and excellence strategy in New York

16 December 2010 | By Matt Moran, Director, PharmaChemical Ireland

PharmaChemical Ireland published a major strategy document in March 2010. The document, titled, ‘Innovation and Excellence-PharmaChemical Ireland Strategic Plan’ was launched at the Drug Chemical and Allied Technologies (DCAT) meeting at the Waldorf Astoria, New York City on 16 March 2010. The document outlines the industry response to the major…


Pharmaceutical manufacturing – for now and the future

7 April 2008 | By

The pharmaceutical industry has, for many years, operated in a special environment with strong regulation and patent protection. Production efficiency and yields have not, as in many other industries, been the major competition parameter and, as a result of this, pharmaceutical manufacturing has a low manufacturing performance compared to other…


An eight-step Six Sigma toll-gate approach to PAT implementation

21 September 2007 | By Bikash Chatterjee, President of Pharmatech Associates, Inc and Jeremy Green, Senior Consultant for Pharmatech Associates, Inc.

The FDA’s recent guidance regarding Process Analytical Technology (PAT) offers the pharmaceutical and biotech industries an unprecedented opportunity to leverage hard-won experience with scientific inquiry and innovation. However, the leap to PAT is significant for even the most rigorous development program. Many aspects of Six Sigma; including its use of…