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Whitepaper: Maintaining sample integrity with aerosol-blocking tips

Posted: 7 October 2016 | | No comments yet

In this whitepaper, find out more about maintaining sample integrity with aerosol-blocking tips…


Thermo Scientific™ ART™ self-sealing barrier tips were tested by an independent laboratory to demonstrate their ability to preserve sample integrity during use in PCR. First, the ability of the proprietary ART barrier to prevent contamination was tested and compared to other filter tips.

Second, the ability to recover liquid which was overdrawn into the ART barrier was determined. Third, the ART barrier was tested to show that it does not compromise or inhibit PCR if accidentally contacted by samples used in PCR.


Preserving the integrity of PCR conditions and samples is essential. For this reason, Thermo Fisher Scientific developed ART self-sealing barrier tips to prevent contamination and provide reproducible sample delivery.

It is important to select an aerosol-blocking tip based on its ability to prevent aerosols and liquids from contaminating the pipettor or subsequent samples. A total of three brands of tips were used in this test, but only ART self-sealing barrier tips were able to prevent contamination.

In the event the sample contacts the filter of a tip, it may be necessary to retrieve the sample. To prove the ability of the ART barrier tip to minimize sample holdback, retention was quantified using water. 

Because of the sensitivity of PCR, a variety of factors can compromise the integrity of the reaction. This illustrates the importance of using aerosol-blocking tips which do not inhibit PCR or otherwise introduce contaminants into precious samples. To demonstrate that ART self-sealing barrier tips do not inhibit PCR, an independent laboratory evaluated ART barrier tips using protocols that duplicated actual laboratory conditions.

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