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Article: Chiral method development strategies for HPLC

Posted: 24 June 2019 | | No comments yet

Generic screening to provide fast solutions for chiral method development, whether needed for routine analytical use, trace analysis, LC/MS or preparative LC, has become increasingly important.

In this article, simple screening tools are used with chiral stationary phases based on macrocyclic glycopeptides to generate robust methods for a broad range of applications.

Chiral HPLC

A change in discovery strategy in the pharmaceutical industry has resulted in the earlier investigation of the generally different biological activities for the enantiomers chiral drug molecules. The number of chiral molecules coming through the discovery process has increased enormously over the past few years; they have also become more and more diverse so the approach to chiral method development has needed to incorporate just those chiral stationary phases (CSPs) that offer the broadest possible range of applications for fast and efficient screening.

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