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Airborne particle counting - Articles and news items

Real-time biological particle counting in environmental monitoring

Real-time biological particle counting in environmental monitoring

Issue 2 2015, Microbiology / RMMs / 20 April 2015 / Tim Sandle, Bio Products Laboratory

The methods for monitoring air in cleanroom environments: viable counting techniques (settle plates and biological air samplers) and particle counters, are long established technologies and have been widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments for decades. Although innovations have taken place with both particle counters and biological air samplers, primarily in relation to the size of the instruments and in reducing the time taken to collect a fixed volume of air, the essential technology has remained unchanged. However, recently, some new technologies for biological air sampling have been developed (bio-air systems), which will be discussed in this article…

Real-Time Viable Particle Detection

Current Rapid Micro Methods (RMMs) for Environmental Monitoring, Validation, and Real-Time Viable Particle Detection

Industry news, Webinars / 8 April 2013 / TSI

This pharma webinar provides an overview of different Rapid Microbiological Methods (RMMs) that can be used for environmental monitoring, their applicability and their pros and cons.

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Real-time airborne viable particle detection – technology overview and applicability to pharmaceutical quality systems

Industry news, Webinars / 27 September 2012 / TSI

This pharma webinar provides an overview of LIF technology, along with a detailed look at TSI’s implementation in the BioTrak® Real Time Viable Particle Detector highlighting critical instrument performance parameters.


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