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Product hub: How can aseptic manufacturers prevent losses in the millions?

Posted: 28 February 2023 | | No comments yet

Highest precision with microbial air sampler MAS-100 Iso. So you can focus on the essential.

Active microbial air sampling at critical checkpoints in the aseptic processing of pharmaceuticals is used to demonstrate the effectiveness of operational control to ultimately support the release of aseptically manufactured products.

MAS-100 Iso microbial air samplers thus benefit from the following features:

  • A sampling head that takes up minimal space in the containment, allowing it to be located at the defined critical control point
  • No moving, and potentially particle-forming, parts are located inside the containment
  • Highest collection efficiency with reproducible sampling results.

Together with you, we translate your specific needs into high-end products quickly and simply thanks to:

  • Our ability to listen and understand your needs
  • Our innovative development/R&D team with high expertise
  • Our capability for rapid prototyping
  • Solid and precise Swiss manufacturing.