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New drug reduces daily menopausal hot flushes by 73%

Industry news / 6 April 2017 / Niamh Marriott, Junior Editor

In a trial carried out at Imperial College, researchers showed that women who suffered seven or more hot flushes a day could reduce the number by 73%…

Major global study reveals new hypertension and blood pressure genes

Industry news / 13 September 2016 / Niamh Louise Marriott, Digital Content Producer

The discoveries include DNA changes in three rare genes that have much larger effects on blood pressure in the population than previously seen, providing new insights into the physiology of hypertension and suggesting new targets for treatment…

Clinical trial to test promising new treatment for chronic cough

Industry news / 14 June 2016 / Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

If approved, AF-219 would be the first new cough drug in 50 years and offer hope to the millions of people living with chronic cough…

Trial of new stem cell therapy for dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB) gives promising results

Industry news / 1 June 2015 /

Results from a trial of a new stem-cell based therapy for a rare skin condition, recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB), have been published…

NIHR launches new Clinical Trials Guide for Trainees

Industry news / 20 May 2015 / Victoria White

To mark International Clinical Trials Day 2015, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has launched a new Clinical Trials Guide for Trainees.

Urine profiles provide clues to how obesity causes disease

Industry news / 5 May 2015 / Victoria White

Scientists have identified chemical markers in urine associated with body mass, providing insights into how obesity causes disease…


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