Application Notes Supplement 2021

Posted: 21 December 2021 | | No comments yet

Here, industry experts from bioMérieux Industry, Charles River, Shimadzu, TA Instruments, Thermo Fisher Scientific and WITec share their research, guidance and pharmaceutical knowledge.


Welcome to European Pharmaceutical Review’s Application Notes Supplement, December 2021.

In this edition:

  • bioMérieux Industry covers BIOBALL® Burkholderia cepacian complex strains performance testing for USP <60> growth promotion requirements
  • Charles River discusses taxonomic traceability for bacterial and fungal entries in Accugenix® reference databases
  • Shimadzu covers comprehensive fractionation of herbal medicine components by PDA-ELSD-triggered preparative LC
  • TA Instruments looks at an alternative method of drug‑excipient characterisation
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific explores how to achieve complete lab access with extended reality LIMS software
  • WITec cover analysing pharmaceutical tablets with confocal Raman imaging

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