Cobalt Light Systems

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Cobalt Light Systems develops innovative products and technologies – based on novel variants of Raman spectroscopy – for non-invasive, through barrier chemical analysis in pharmaceutical, security and research applications.


RapID – Raw Materials ID Verification Through Unopened Containers

RapID enables 100% materials verification through unopened multi-layer paper sacks, plastic bottles and other containers – using Cobalt’s unique Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy (SORS) technology – in only 5-20 seconds.

ID through opaque and coloured sacks, tubs and bottles
Cost-effective 100% materials ID testing
Avoid contamination and sampling
Compatible with most APIs and excipients

TRS100 – Quantitative Analysis of Tablets, Capsules and Powders

TRS100 replaces HPLC in a content uniformity workflow with Transmission Raman Spectroscopy (TRS) for testing of intact tablets, capsules and powders.

Assay hundreds of tablets or capsules in minutes
Works with intact capsules, coated tablets and 10mm thickness
No sample preparation, wet chemistry or skilled resource
Quantify APIs and excipients in a single measurement
LOQ as low as 0.1% w/w – Even for polymorphs in intact tablets

Applications & Methods