Collaboration between Lonza and IBF to progress Israeli biologics sector

Israel Biotech Fund (IBF) and Lonza announce agreement to accelerate the development and manufacture of Israeli biologics and small molecules.

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Israel Biotech Fund (IBF) and Lonza have announced a framework agreement to accelerate the development and manufacture of biologics and small molecules.

Lonza will add value to IBF through pre-investment due diligence support and offer IBF’s portfolio companies with tailored advice, flexibility and services for the development and manufacturing of biologics and small molecules, while mitigating risks.

IBF will provide Lonza with access to IBF’s portfolio companies and broad network in the biotech industry in Israel.

The two-year agreement aims to broaden the scope of services provided by Lonza to pharmaceutical companies in the Israeli ecosystem and provide an opportunity to support the unique needs of these companies looking to simplify and de-risk the development of their molecules. This is particularly relevant to the Israeli biotech industry, where the number of biotech start-ups established every year has averaged 150 in the last decade.

Lonza will advise IBF in its due diligence review of candidate biotech targets and provide a tailored offering, advice and services to IBF’s portfolio companies targeting innovations in the healthcare sector focused on developing therapeutic assets and disruptive platforms.

“We are excited to implement this framework agreement that will provide IBF and their portfolio companies with services and expertise across multiple modalities,” commented Pnina Weitz, Global Head of Venture Capital Business Development and Relationship Management, Lonza. “IBF’s network will allow Lonza to benefit from these connections and offer services and expertise across multiple modalities. Lonza’s customised and scalable solutions in the development and manufacture of both biologics and small molecules will allow these companies to leverage our global network and experience and focus on what they do best – developing innovative and transformative treatments.”

Ido Zairi, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Israel Biotech Fund, added: “The unique business model offered by the collaboration agreement will allow our portfolio companies to leverage Lonza’s expertise and innovative business models. Such companies will benefit from a streamlined development and manufacturing process, allowing them to focus on research and development and pre-clinical studies.”

The offering comprises Lonza’s expertise and technology that accelerates timelines while mitigating risks of developing and manufacturing molecules ranging from monoclonal antibodies, complex proteins, and small molecules to antibody-drug conjugates. The integrated approach to drug substance and drug product development and manufacturing across various platforms significantly simplifies the supply chain, reduces process complexity, and allows for shortened development timelines.