Product Hub: AMRI’s SMARTSOURCING™ approach and the use of Raman technology

AMRI Raman Equipment

Dr Xufeng Sun, Senior Research Scientist II at AMRI, discusses their SMARTSOURCING™ approach, looking particularly at the use of Raman technology…

AMRI Raman Equipment

Founded in 1991, AMRI is a global contract research and manufacturing organisation which offers integrated drug discovery, development and manufacturing services. AMRI offers its customers SMARTSOURCING™, which is a strategic sourcing option for customers wanting to reach more successful outcomes. The SMARTSOURCING™ approach positions AMRI to execute across the entire drug development process – including drug discovery, development, API and generics manufacturing, as well as drug product and aseptic manufacturing.

“Raman spectroscopy is a vibrational spectroscopic analytical tool but its value has not been realised as much as infrared (IR) spectroscopy, which is currently the dominant vibrational spectroscopic analytical tool,” says Xufeng Sun, Senior Research Scientist II at AMRI. “Although the instrument cost is typically higher for Raman analysis when compared to IR, it is much more flexible in sample preparation and provides unique molecular structure information. For example, because it does not require stringent sample preparation, Raman is more amenable to high-throughput polymorph screen and salt screen on a 96-well platform. The samples on the 96-well plates can be directly analysed without sample preparation.”

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