Video: BET automation is easy and simple with microfluidics

Posted: 18 June 2021 | | No comments yet

Endotoxin automation doesn’t mean complex instrumentation and setup. See how microfluidics enables easy BET assay setup so QC labs achieve high throughput with less hands-on time.

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Most QC labs seek to automate bacterial endotoxin testing (BET) due to the time-consuming and tedious nature of the assay. Now, using microfluidics, this can be achieved with an easy to use platform that automates and simplifies BET without compromising compliance or analytical performance. The Sievers Eclipse BET Platform automates pipetting, mixing of reagents and liquid handling, along with standard curves and positive product controls (PPCs). Microfluidic automation of endotoxin testing finally allows for high throughput without the complexity of robotics.