SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions


With operations in 130 countries and employing over 10,000 people worldwide, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions leverages our innovation, expertise and global capabilities to solve our customers’ toughest water, wastewater and process challenges wherever they occur.

SUEZ-Sievers Instruments offers deep expertise in ultrapure water quality monitoring, cleaning validation, and other life science applications. We are a leading manufacturer of total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers and consumables for the pharmaceutical industry, providing superior technology, application support, and quality.

SUEZ-Ozonia products have been the ozone industry pioneer for over 40 years. SUEZ offers ozone solutions for purified water disinfection & sanitization and for wastewater effluent management. Our unique ability to deliver the highest performance and most reliable systems is why thousands of customers around the world trust Ozonia products.


Applications & Methods