Whitepaper: Prioritising innovation to get ahead of the market

Posted: 3 February 2022 | | No comments yet

This whitepaper explores the conflict that exists between necessary administration tasks and innovation, demonstrating how digitalisation can help.

Administrative tasks related to inventory management are critical to a properly functioning lab, but what if they are hampering scientific innovation?

This whitepaper explores these questions and highlights the tangible benefits of a robust, automated and integrated laboratory system for inventory, safety and compliance.

LANEXO™ System Benefits:

  • Improves laboratory productivity: Reduce time spent on inventory management by tracking stock levels and monitoring expiration dates.
  • Supports safety & compliance: Reduce compliance & safety risks by automating traceability of reagent documentation and storage compliance check.
  • Facilitates quality & data management: Reduce errors with easy specification and identity checks along experimental workflows.

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