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Product hub: The new MAS-100 Atmos® microbial compressed gas sampler makes it simple to sample

Posted: 28 April 2022 | | No comments yet

Discover why Merck’s new MAS-100 Atmos® compressed gas sampler should be your go to for detecting microbial contamination…

The versatile new MAS-100 Atmos® compressed gas sampler, which tests gases for microbial contamination, offers unparalleled measurement accuracy, data security and ease of use. Designed for microbiological quality control in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical devices and food industries, this new addition to the well-known line of MAS-100® air samplers features:

  • Ease of use, which minimises handling errors:
    • Continuous automated flow rate regulation at current pressure for each pre-defined gas type
    • Easy lid opening and closing 
  • Various configuration modes to suit different use cases and workflows:
    • Freely accessible configuration
    • 21 CFR part 11-compliant setup, including an easy individual hardware key login and audit trail
    • Integration in fully computerised workflows with a unique result barcode
  • Increased health safety by optional tube to channel gas away after sampling.