Application note: Raman-based high-throughput screening for version and polymorph identification

1 October 2016  •  Author(s): Kaiser Optical Systems

Application note: Raman-based high-throughput screening for version and polymorph identificationKey Issues

  • Polymorphic form ID
  • Rapid screening of drug candidates
  • Automated instrumentation for unattended data collection


As the rate-determining step in early pharmaceutical development has moved from synthesis to analysis, new methods have been sought for rapidly screening drug candidates and for processing the data produced. The need to process an increased numbers of candidates has led to the development of the field of high-throughput screening (HTS).

One of the most important properties of solid-state drug candidates is their polymorphic form. Many molecular solids, such as organic drug candidates, can crystallize in several different polymorphic forms, differing only in the space group of the extended solid or the conformation of the constituent molecules. Usually considered along with polymorphs are pseudopolymorphic versions of a compound such as solvates and hydrates. Differences in polymorphic form and in solvation or hydration may greatly affect the dissolution, stability, and bioavailability properties of the drug, so characterizing these forms early in a candidate’s lifetime and selectively producing only the desired polymorphic form or version is of the utmost importance in drug manufacture.

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