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TacticID-N used to ID illegal mixed street tablets as part of joint federal task force take downs

Supplier news / 10 October 2014 / B&W Tek

B&W Tek, Inc. is pleased to announce that our newest handheld Raman system, the TacticID-N, has recently received some exceptional praise from a United States federal law enforcement agency…

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B&W Tek announces new enhancements to NanoRam handheld Raman spectrometer

Supplier news / 8 October 2014 / B&W Tek

B&W Tek, is pleased to announce new enhancements to its NanoRam® handheld Raman spectrometer…

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Whitepaper: Sampling Guidelines for Handheld Raman Measurements; What You Need To Know

Whitepapers / 1 September 2014 / Enrique Lozano Diz and Katherine Bakeev

As we see increased adoption of Raman Spectroscopy as the technique of choice for the rapid identification of materials, our guidelines tell you what you need to know…

B&W Tek's enhanced Handheld Raman Spectrometer for identification of narcotics & explosives

B&W Tek release an enhanced Handheld Raman Spectrometer for identification of narcotics & explosives

News, Supplier news / 13 June 2014 / B&W Tek, Inc.

B&W Tek has announced the enhanced TacticID handheld Raman spectrometer, featuring new functionality and safety…

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App Note: Benefits of library and identification method transfer capabilities using hand-held Raman spectrometers

Whitepapers / 30 May 2014 / B&W Tek

Identification of materials using spectral libraries and other multivariate identification methods on hand-held Raman spectrometers has allowed for rapid non-destructive analysis and easy interpretation of results for non-technical users…

Raman Spectroscopy: In-depth focus 2014

Issue 1 2014, Raman Spectroscopy, Supplements / 10 April 2014 / Sara J. Fraser, Keith C. Gordon, Sigrid Pieters, Yvan Vander Heyden, Thomas De Beer

Raman spectroscopy in the study of pharmaceuticals: the problems and solutions to sub-sampling and data analysis
Conformational state analysis of proteins by Raman spectroscopy: univariate and multivariate methods
Raman Roundtable

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B&W Tek announces agreement with LabWare, Inc for automation and reporting

Supplier news / 3 March 2014 / B&W Tek

B&W Tek, Inc. is pleased to announce its newest strategic partnership with LabWare, Inc…

Raman spectroscopy: In-depth focus 2013

Issue 5 2013, Raman Spectroscopy, Supplements / 25 October 2013 / Sulaf Assi (Bournemouth University), Xiaolin Cao (Amgen Inc.)

Raw material identification using dual laser handheld Raman spectroscopy.
Raman spectroscopy in support of biotherapeutic production: applications in protein formulation and purification
Raman Spectroscopy Roundtable.


Whitepaper: Material identification using handheld spectroscopy

Whitepapers / 15 July 2013 / Katherine A. Bakeev and Robert V. Chimenti, B&W Tek

Understand the pros and cons of using correlation versus multivariate algorithms for material identification via handheld spectroscopy…


Issue 3 2013 / 13 June 2013 / Katherine Bakeev, Director of Applications Support, B&W Tek

We talk to Katherine Bakeev, Director of Applications Support, B&W Tek.

B&W Tek is a leading supplier of handheld Raman spectroscopy, a recognised method for compliance with the PIC/S GMP guide to provide 100 per cent assurance of the identity of pharmaceutical materials. Katherine Bakeev, Director of Applications Support at B&W Tek, discusses PIC/S and why handheld Raman is an excellent choice to aid pharmaceutical manufacturers who are looking for a reliable, rapid method to achieve 100 per cent incoming material inspection.

Tina McGuire, Sales Director - North America, B&W Tek, Inc.

B&W Tek, Inc. interviewed at Interphex 2013

Videos / 8 May 2013 / Freddy White, European Pharmaceutical Review

Tina McGuire, Sales Director – North America, B&W Tek, Inc. speaks to Freddy White at Interphex 2013…

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B&W Tek completes series of educational videos

News, Supplier news / 7 May 2013 / B&W Tek

B&W Tek is pleased to announce the completion of its first series of educational videos…


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