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Continuous flow processing in the pharma industry – an unstoppable trend?

22 October 2015 | By Bernhard Gutmann and Christian Oliver Kappe, University of Graz

Continuous flow processes have many distinct advantages over discontinuous batch production and therefore, in the last century, continuous operation has become by far the most dominant form of production for high-volume and low-cost materials such as petrochemical and commodity chemicals. The first applications of continuous processes in the pharmaceutical industry…

Counterfeit medicines and the need for a global approach

16 October 2015 | By David Shore, Pfizer

Counterfeit medicines pose a serious risk to public health around the world. The trade in fake drugs is considerable; according to Pfizer’s own company records, more than 200 million counterfeit doses of Pfizer product have been intercepted since 2004. Meanwhile, the issue of counterfeits has no single or simple solution…