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Whitepaper: Dwell Volume and Extra-Column Volume: What are they and how do they impact method transfer

Posted: 13 December 2017 | | No comments yet

Method transfer or method scaling across different instrument platforms can be affected by both dwell volume and extra-column dispersion…

Each characteristic will have a very different effect on the chromatographic separation. Dwell volume is the volume required for the change in a gradient to reach the column, or the volume difference between the point of mixing and the head of the column. Dwell volume impacts the retention times of a gradient separation, but can also affect selectivity, particularly for early eluting compounds. Extra-column dispersion is a measurement of the broadening of a peak that occurs between the injector and the detector and excludes the column. Extra-column dispersion or volume impacts peak width, resolution, and the overall efficiency of a separation.

In this review, the differences of these attributes across a variety of instruments will be examined, specifically for their impact on methods transfer. We will also review strategies to minimise the impact on the method transfer. 


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