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atezolizumab - Articles and news items

urological cancers market

Global urological cancers market to double by 2022, says GBI Research

Industry news / 30 June 2016 / Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

The urological cancers market will increase from $17.9 billion in 2015 to $35.9 billion by 2022, according to business intelligence provider GBI Research…


Tecentriq to dominate the bladder cancer market, says GlobalData

Industry news / 14 June 2016 / Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

The launch of Roche’s Tecentriq will usher in a dramatic change in the treatment paradigm of bladder cancer, according to an analyst with GlobalData…


FDA grants priority review to Roche’s atezolizumab in urothelial carcinoma

Industry news / 15 March 2016 / Victoria White

The priority review is based on results of the IMvigor 210 study that evaluated the safety and efficacy of atezolizumab in people with locally advanced or metastatic urothelial carcinoma, regardless of PD-L1 expression.

bladder cancer treatment market

Bladder cancer treatment market set to boom, says GlobalData

Industry news / 14 January 2016 / Victoria White

The company states that the growth will be primarily down to the introduction of Telesta Therapeutics MCNA and Roche’s atezolizumab in 2016 and Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Opdivoin 2017…


Roche presents updated results for atezolizumab in mUC

Industry news / 8 January 2016 / Victoria White

Median overall survival from the updated study results was 11.4 months in people with higher levels of PD-L1 expression, and 7.9 months in the overall study population…


Atezolizumab could spur bladder cancer treatment innovation

Industry news / 28 July 2015 / Victoria White

Atezolizumab is poised to become a major bladder cancer therapy in the race for FDA approval, following its promising performance in recent Phase II trials…


Atezolizumab shrank tumours in people with a specific type of bladder cancer in Phase II study

Industry news / 13 July 2015 / Victoria White

In the Phase II IMvigor 210 study, Roche’s atezolizumab shrank tumours in people with locally advanced or metastatic urothelial bladder cancer (UBC)…


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