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Raman Spectroscopy - Articles and news items

B&W Tek announces new enhancements to NanoRam handheld Raman spectrometer

Featured news / 8 October 2014 / B&W Tek

B&W Tek, is pleased to announce new enhancements to its NanoRam® handheld Raman spectrometer…

Rigaku Raman Technologies to showcase world’s first customizable handheld Raman analyzer for accurate and comprehensive raw material ID at CPhI 2014

Featured news / 12 September 2014 / Rigaku

Rigaku Raman Technologies, a leading pioneer of handheld and portable Raman spectrometers, will be showcasing its new generation handheld Raman analyzer for raw material identification (RMID) in booth 1C82 at CPhI Worldwide 2014…

The flexibility of regularisation processes for multivariate calibration maintenance

Issue 4 2014, PAT & QbD, Raman Spectroscopy / 5 September 2014 / Dr. John H. Kalivas, Editor for the Journal of Chemometrics and Applied Spectroscopy.

In the pharmaceutical industry, it is necessary to control, in a tight range, the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) content of products, e.g., tablets or other powder blends. Thus, the API content needs to be continuously monitored. Preferably, analysis for the API content should be in-line (on site) allowing rapid and efficient quality control. It is well documented that spectroscopic methods, such as near-infrared (NIR) and Raman, in conjunction with multivariate calibration processes, can meet these goals under controlled conditions…

Whitepaper: Sampling Guidelines for Handheld Raman Measurements; What You Need To Know

Whitepapers, Z Homepage promo / 1 September 2014 / Enrique Lozano Diz and Katherine Bakeev

As we see increased adoption of Raman Spectroscopy as the technique of choice for the rapid identification of materials, our guidelines tell you what you need to know…

App Note: Benefits of library and identification method transfer capabilities using hand-held Raman spectrometers

Whitepapers / 30 May 2014 / B&W Tek

Identification of materials using spectral libraries and other multivariate identification methods on hand-held Raman spectrometers has allowed for rapid non-destructive analysis and easy interpretation of results for non-technical users…

Bio-Contamination, Risk Profiling and Proactive Response

Webinars, Z Homepage promo / 29 May 2014 / TSI

This webinar provides an overview of the new PHSS Bio-contamination Monograph and the value of real-time airborne viable particle detection in GMP classified areas.

B&W Tek announces agreement with LabWare, Inc for automation and reporting

Featured news / 3 March 2014 / B&W Tek

B&W Tek, Inc. is pleased to announce its newest strategic partnership with LabWare, Inc…

Product Hub: AMRI’s SMARTSOURCING™ approach and the use of Raman technology

Issue 1 2014 / 19 February 2014 / Dr Xufeng Sun, Senior Research Scientist II, AMRI

Dr Xufeng Sun, Senior Research Scientist II at AMRI, discusses their SMARTSOURCING™ approach, looking particularly at the use of Raman technology…

Whitepaper: Content uniformity method development

Whitepapers, Z Homepage promo / 3 February 2014 / Cobalt Light Systems

Dr. Carl Anderson of Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA has written a white paper about developing transmission Raman methods for content uniformity analysis as an alternative to HPLC analysis…

Detection, quantification and visualisation of protein interactions for hit profiling by high content screening

Webinars / 3 February 2014 / Sigma-Aldrich

This webinar provides an overview of how compound profiling using the PLA® (Proximity Ligation Assay) technology can be used for in situ analysis of protein interactions by high content screening as part of the hit-to-lead workflow, the key advantage being the ability to provide evidence for target engagement of the compound.

Lean, Mean and Controlled; Navigating the Complexities of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Regulations

Webinars / 8 January 2014 / Rigaku Raman Technologies

During this webinar learn more about unconventional approaches to enhance quality programs with the use of modern handheld technology…

Raman spectroscopy: In-depth focus 2013

Issue 5 2013, Raman Spectroscopy, Supplements, Z Homepage promo / 25 October 2013 / Sulaf Assi (Bournemouth University), Xiaolin Cao (Amgen Inc.)

Raw material identification using dual laser handheld Raman spectroscopy.
Raman spectroscopy in support of biotherapeutic production: applications in protein formulation and purification
Raman Spectroscopy Roundtable.