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New trends in intelligent robotics in the laboratory

New trends in intelligent robotics in the laboratory

Issue 2 2016, Manufacturing & Packaging / 4 May 2016 / Dr. Patrick Courtney, tec-connection

While robotics systems have been useful tools in the laboratory for many years, most notably in the area of liquid handling, many tasks are still only automated to a small extent. At the same time a new wave of robotic devices is reaching the market – from robot lawn mowers to driverless cars, as well as smarter robots in manufacturing. These benefit from the latest advances in mechatronics, sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms. Many of these advances are taking place in Europe thanks to ambitious public funding programmes. This article highlights some of the latest advances in robotics, which have the potential to take laboratory automation, and the science it enables, to the next level…

Can surgical robotics become entirely autonomous?

Blog / 1 March 2016 / Snehal Chougule, Allied Market Research

The use of robotics in pharmaceutical manufacturing is well established. Here, Snehal Chougule discusses advancements in robotics in medical science that could revolutionise the way patients are treated…


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