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PAT for packaging: review of applications for expeditious, nondestructive quality testing

15 April 2014 | By Jose Montenegro-Alvarado, Bradley Diehl, Jean-Maxime Guay, Steve Hammond, Hiwot Isaac, Ben Lyons, Conor McSweeney, Seamus O’Neill, Jean-Sébastien Simard and Joep Timmermans, Pfizer Inc.

This article reviews some emerging applications of Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) for packaging quality testing. Specifically, four commercially-available packaging applications are explored in further detail: Raman spectroscopy for rapid material identification testing of polymeric packaging materials; vision-based elastic deformation for non-destructive blister integrity testing; X-ray monitoring for inline blister fill…

Innovation showcase at CPhI Awards 2013

25 October 2013 | By Dr Kevin Robinson

It doesn’t seem to matter what the industry is or, indeed, what the event is these days, the same question pops up at regular intervals: where’s the innovation? I’m happy to report that innovation is very much alive and well in the pharmaceutical industry and was on show to the…

New guidelines for breakmarks on tablets

13 June 2013 | By Tony Moffat, UCL School of Pharmacy and Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group

The US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) produced their guidance for industry on tablet scoring in March 2013 to ensure that tablet scoring (breakmarks or breaklines) on generic tablets would enable them to be split in the same effective way as their reference listed products (RLD).

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