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Press release: Freeze drying: New Telstar Usifroid platform for retrofitting & maintenance

Posted: 25 November 2021 | | No comments yet

Telstar launches Usifroid global service platform for retrofitting & maintenance of freeze-dryers. To optimise and extend the life cycle of freeze-drying equipment from any brand or model.

Press release: Freeze drying: new Telstar Usifroid platform for retrofitting & maintenance

To optimise and extend the life cycle of freeze-drying equipment from any brand or model

Terrassa (Barcelona) 2021, November 23rd. Telstar launches a new global service platform for retrofitting and maintenance of existing freeze-dryers, regardless of brand and model. Under Usifroid brand, this platform is specialised in providing a retrofitting and modernisation service together with maintenance services and technical support to freeze-drying equipment for pharmaceutical production and research.

Designed to guarantee the optimal functioning of any freeze dryer, irrespective of the brand, Usifroid platform integrates a global service of improvement technical support to freeze drying processes around the world while ensuring its adaptation to the latest industrial requirements standards and GMP and FDA recommendations in the field of pharmaceutical production. Usifroid service platform is promoted on a modern visual website (www.usifroid.com) that offers a simplified design to help users to identify the solution quickly and easily that they need. This portal-web is accessible to all web devices, from desktop computers to portables, tablets and smartphones, compatible with all readable formats.

Usifroid is Telstar’s specialised brand in retrofitting and upgrades services to all existing freeze-drying equipment around the world. With in-depth experience of more than 70 years in developing solutions in the field of lyophilisation for pharmaceutical and biotech processes, the renowned Usifroid brand guarantees to optimise and modernise your lyophilisation equipment and systems, complying with all the latest requirements.

Through its Customer Service specialised in retrofitting & upgrading processes, Telstar offers a high-quality reply to the industries connected to the life science sector that  are continually seeking new adaptations or additional requirements for equipment and critical systems involved in extensive processing and manufacturing areas; covering mechanical adaptations and customised process automation to validation and qualification of installations after upgrading operations, whilst adapting to new legal regulations. In addition, the company offers support to the modernisation of complete systems or critical installations and large-scale renovations.

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