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Dissolution testing in the modern world

Dissolution testing in the modern world

Issue 1 2016, PAT & QbD / 29 February 2016 / Juliet Symonds and David Elder, GlaxoSmithKline

Historically, dissolution testing has been used primarily as a quality control (QC) test for solid oral drug products . Indeed, it is the only QC test which provides a measure of the quantitative release rate of the drug from the pharmaceutical product. More recently, the test has been proposed in lieu of bioequivalence testing. However, can the same dissolution test have enough robustness (as per 5 ) to be used as a routine QC tool, whilst simultaneously being sensitive enough to be truly bio-predictive? This article will explore this conundrum…

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Sirius Analytical product launch: surface dissolution imaging for real-time visualization of dissolution phenomena

News, Supplier news / 10 January 2013 / Sirius Analytical Instruments Ltd

Sirius Analytical Instruments Ltd announces the introduction of a new product…


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