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Sanofi Pasteur - Articles and news items

Sanofi Pasteur and MSD end joint vaccines business in Europe

Industry news / 3 January 2017 / Niamh Louise Marriott, Digital Editor

Sanofi and its vaccines business unit Sanofi Pasteur will end their vaccine joint-venture with MSD (known as Merck in the US and Canada) – SPMSD…

BARDA grants Sanofi $43.2 million for Zika vaccine development

Industry news / 27 September 2016 / Niamh Louise Marriott, Digital Content Producer

In July, Sanofi revealed the development agreement with the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research on the co-development of a Zika vaccine candidate…

Sanofi sends half a million dengue vaccines to high risk Brazilians

Industry news / 15 August 2016 / Sanofi

Results of the study affirm the vaccine’s consistent efficacy in reducing dengue in two-thirds of the study participants, aged 9 and older. It also documents the ability of the vaccine to prevent 8 out of 10 hospitalisations and up to 93% of severe dengue cases in this age group during the 25 month follow-up phase of the studies…

World’s first public dengue immunisation programme starts

Industry news / 5 April 2016 / Victoria White

Dengvaxia vaccinations of one million students from 6,000 public schools in the Philippines are to begin this year…

Sanofi Pasteur and MSD to end joint vaccines operations in Europe

Industry news / 8 March 2016 / Victoria White

Upon concluding their joint venture, Sanofi Pasteur and MSD plan to integrate their respective European vaccine businesses into their operations…

Zika Virus: a public emergency of international concern

Blog / 4 February 2016 / Victoria White, European Pharmaceutical Review

The Zika virus has taken hold in South America. Its possible link to microcephaly in newborn babies and neurological conditions has led the World Health Organization to declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Here we discuss the virus, countermeasures and the race for a vaccine…

Sanofi Pasteur’s Dengvaxia approved in Brazil

Industry news / 4 January 2016 / Victoria White

Dengvaxia was shown to reduce dengue due to all four serotypes in two-thirds of the participants in clinical trials and prevent 8 out of 10 hospitalisations due to dengue and up to 93% of severe dengue cases…

Sanofi Pasteur’s Dengvaxia approved in the Philippines

Industry news / 23 December 2015 / Victoria White

Dengvaxia is the first vaccine licensed for the prevention of dengue in the world…

First shipment of ShanIPV to be distributed in India

Industry news / 1 December 2015 / Victoria White

These first vaccine doses will be available to implement one dose of IPV for all infants in the country…

Sanofi Pasteur’s dengue vaccine candidate safely protects pre-adolescents

Industry news / 28 July 2015 / Victoria White

New data analyses provide a comprehensive picture of the potential public health impact of vaccinating pre-adolescents and adults against dengue…


Sanofi announces new Global Business Unit structure

Industry news / 15 July 2015 / Victoria White

Sanofi plans to create 5 Global Business Units: General Medicines & Emerging Markets, Specialty Care, Diabetes & Cardiovascular, Sanofi Pasteur and Merial…

Sanofi Pasteur ships first 2015-2016 seasonal influenza vaccine doses in US

Industry news / 14 July 2015 / Victoria White

The FDA has released the first doses of Sanofi Pasteur’s Fluzone influenza vaccine for shipment for the 2015-2016 influenza season in the US…