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ICH Q6A specifications: Test procedures and acceptance criteria for new drug substances and new drug products: chemical substances

15 December 2013 | By

Specifications (test and acceptance criteria) for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and drug products are defined in ICH Q6A. It ‘establishes a set of criteria to which a drug substance or drug product should conform to be considered acceptable for its intended use.’ The guidance is sub-divided into universal tests applicable…

Microbiology: Mould contamination in pharmaceutical drug products and medical devices

15 December 2013 | By

Invasive fungal infections associated with high mortality rates are common in hospital settings, especially in intensive care units where patients may be immune-compromised, subject to invasive procedures and treated aggressively with antibiotics. The most common nosocomial fungal infections in descending order are due to the genera Candida, Aspergillus, Rhizopus, Fusarium…

Process systems engineering (PSE) in the pharmaceutical industry: past and future

15 December 2013 | By Christos Georgakis, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Systems Research Institute for Chemical and Biological Processes, Tufts University and Gregory M. Troup, Merck Research Laboratories, Merck & Co., Inc

Process Systems Engineering (PSE) has had a profound impact in the chemical, petroleum and petrochemical industry in the last 30 - 40 years. Even though PSE has already started to make a significant impact on the pharmaceutical industry, there are substantial additional benefits that can be derived. The purpose of…

Raman spectroscopy: an enabling tool for accelerating pharmaceutical discovery to development

20 August 2013 | By Chanda R. Yonzon, Atul Karande, Sai P. Chamarthy and Brent A. Donovan (Merck & Co. Inc)

Raman spectroscopy has emerged as the preeminent analytical tool for a number of applications within drug discovery and development. Advances in the instrumentation, sensor fabrication and data analysis have enabled the wider acceptance of Raman spectroscopy1,2. In discovery, Raman spectroscopy is used to elucidate structural activity relationships3 and to optimise…

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