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Pittcon Conference and Expo 2010

22 February 2010 | By

Pittcon 2010 will again offer the latest advances in laboratory instrumentation, supplies and services; comprehensive solutions for research problems; new methodologies and techniques for improved productivity; and a wide range of educational opportunities.

Society of Toxicology 2010

22 February 2010 | By

Salt Lake City, Utah, is the host-city for the Society of Toxicology's 49th Annual Meeting. Scientific Sessions will be held at the Salt Palace Convention Centre during the week of 7-11 March 2010.

Analytica 2010

22 February 2010 | By

For the 22nd time, Analytica will bring international experts from the analysis, laboratory-technology and biotechnology sectors together at a single location.

Cancer-secreted microRNAs: Travelers, Messengers, and Blood-borne Biomarkers

22 February 2010 | By

Since the first discovery of microRNA (miRNA) from C. elegans in 19931 studies of this new class of regulatory small RNA have grown rapidly and entered a new era, where they now serve as potential biomarkers and therapeutic targets in human diseases, such as cancers. Recent studies indicating that miRNAs…

Cancer biology where do we go next?

22 February 2010 | By

The World Cancer Report (2008) predicts a 50% worldwide increase in cancer incidence by 2030, predicting 75 million people living within a five year diagnosis of cancer1. This increase is partially fuelled by significant medical advances in developed countries ensuring people live longer. However, it is also attributable to developing…

Article 6: qPCR data analysis 2 – Controls and Troubleshooting

12 December 2009 | By

The tremendous increase in the number of laboratories using qPCR and publications relying on qPCR data are testament to the rapid uptake of this technology. When preceded by reverse transcription (RT-qPCR) it is regarded as the reference technique for validation of previously derived data such as from microarray studies and…

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) in Freeze Drying: Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy as an evolving tool for Cycle Monitoring

12 December 2009 | By Stefan Schneid, Division of Pharmaceutics, Freeze Drying Focus Group, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Dr. Henning Gieseler, Division of Pharmaceutics, Freeze Drying Focus Group, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

The most important critical product parameter during a freeze-drying process is the product temperature at the ice sublimation interface, Tp1. Once the product temperature in this area of interest exceeds the critical formulation temperature (typically denoted as "collapse temperature", Tc) during primary drying, a stepwise loss of the cake structure…

IFPAC 2010

12 December 2009 | By

IFPAC is a meeting place for the latest developments in Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD). The Twenty-Fourth International Forum and Exhibition will be held at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront on 31 January - 4 February 2010

Basics of image analysis in High Content Screening

12 December 2009 | By

Automated high content screening platforms are capable of producing thousands of images per day. The challenge is to use appropriate analysis methods to extract the maximum amount of biologically-relevant information from these images. In this article we summarise the basic concepts of image analysis and highlight examples of both open-source…

The Original HCA Event

12 December 2009 | By

Coverage Includes: Compound/siRNA Screening - Pathway Analysis - Data Management - Image Analysis - HCA for Stem Cells - Live-Cell Imaging - Flow Cytometry - Neuronal Screening - New Biological Models for HCA - Novel Probes and Biosensors

RNAi screening in the era of high-throughput genetics

12 December 2009 | By

The use of RNAi screening to identify potential drug targets has enjoyed great success in recent years as a robust method for linking genes to a disease process through a functional assessment of a gene in an experimental model1. True, RNAi screening is complicated by problems such as off-target effects…

Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics – an overview

12 December 2009 | By

The journey from molecular target and early drug lead to the clinic is an arduous one with many hurdles to cross prior to developing a successful clinical candidate. The high rate of attrition of drug molecules has forced drug researchers to pay greater attention to drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK)…

Combining perspectives: Multiscale integration of Stem Cell research

12 December 2009 | By

The promise of stem cell-based therapy is predicated on harnessing the plasticity of stem cell phenotypes to repair or replace damaged tissues. As technologies for detecting, isolating, modifying, and tracking stem cells improve, the very definition of what constitutes a stem cell is now an open question. Addressing this fundamental…