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Alliance management organisational development: A Bayer perspective

4 April 2017 | By Christoph Huwe, Strategic Alliance Manager Therapeutics at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Global External Innovation & Alliances

Ahead of the 7th Annual Strategic Alliance Management for Pharma conference, we spoke with Bayer's Christoph Huwe about the organisational development of alliance management...

How Panacea is paving the way for vaccine immunotherapies

29 March 2017 | By Niamh Marriott, Junior Editor

We caught up with the CEO & CSO of Panacea for the latest on vaccine immunotherapies - "As a scientist, as long as you are observant and persistent, you may come up with breakthrough discoveries"

Redefining Pharma’s relationship with healthcare

28 March 2017 | By Robert Groebel, Vice President of global medical strategy, Veeva

Veeva's Robert Groebel lays out the best practices toward a more coordinated, better healthcare stakeholder experience...

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