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Subvisible particle identification in protein-based formulations by Raman spectroscopy

29 June 2017 | By , ,

Subvisible particles in protein-based formulations can have different origins. Particles can be extrinsic (unexpected foreign material), intrinsic (from the production environment or primary packaging), and inherent (from the formulation). It is important that inherent particles (protein agglomerates) are distinguished from the other two types and that the extrinsic and intrinsic…

Why biosimilars are changing the pharmaceutical industry

26 May 2017 | By Ho-ung Kim, Head of Strategy and Operations Division for Celltrion Healthcare

We caught up with Celltrion Healthcare's Ho-ung Kim to find out how biosimilars cut costs, increase access to medicine and are ultimately changing the industry…

Treating multiple myeloma: An interview with Janssen

17 May 2017 | By Dr Catherine Taylor, Haematology Therapeutic Area Lead, Janssen EMEA

We caught up with Janssen's Dr Catherine Taylor to talk monoclonal antibodies, the rise of immuno-oncology and treating multiple myeloma...