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AMRA Profiler to be added to GE Healthcare MRI scanners

Industry news / 3 March 2016 / Victoria White

AMRA Profiler is a cloud-based body composition measurement service, which uses images from a rapid, 6-minute MRI scan to deliver accurate, precise fat and muscle measurements…

BIO-Europe Spring® 2016 Event in Sweden this April will bring 2,000+ life science executives to Stockholm-Uppsala region

Supplier news / 8 February 2016 / EBD Group

The tenth annual BIO-Europe Spring® springtime international life science partnering conference will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, April 4–6, 2016…

Application Note: Direct measurement of challenging target-ligand interactions

Application Note: Direct measurement of challenging target-ligand interactions

Whitepapers / 11 January 2016 / GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare’s most sensitive SPR-based sensor enables accurate interaction analysis of LMW fragments binding to difficult targets…

7th Global Healthcare Conference

7th Global Healthcare Conference

Supplier news / 3 November 2015 / London Business School

The Future of Healthcare – striking a balance between patients, value and innovation. Monday 7 December 2015…

Development of biosensor assays for fragment screening of wild type GPCRs

Webinars / 14 October 2015 /

In this webinar, we discuss SPR fragment screening of wild type GPCRs enabled by sensitive biosensors and optimised membrane protein assays…

App Note - GE Healthcare

App Note: Evolving promising leads

Whitepapers / 22 January 2015 / GE Healthcare

The precision of data from surface plasmon resonance (SPR)-based analyses, and the confidence with which results can be interpreted, is strongly coupled to the sensitivity of the SPR sensor. Biacore™ T200 system from GE Healthcare offers excellent sensitivity that enables detection of the lowest molecular-weight interactions and accurate measurements at very low concentrations. The system allows generation of high-quality data even when working with unstable and sensitive molecules such as membrane proteins…

AAA acquires GE Healthcare’s FDG-PET Radiopharmaceutical Business in Italy

Supplier news / 11 September 2014 / Advanced Accelerator Applications and GE Healthcare

Advanced Accelerator Applications strengthens its position in the Italian PET Radiopharmaceutical Market…

Industry Expert Panel

Issue 1 2013 / 21 February 2013 / Expert Panel

Welcome to European Pharmaceutical Review’s Industry Expert Panel. We have assembled a panel of authoritative voices from the pharmaceutical industry to speak on a wide range of issues that affect this industry, sharing their expertise and insight with our readers.

Practical Workshop – Biochemical Assays for Screening

Issue 1 2013 / 21 February 2013 / Sheraz Gul, Head of Biology at European ScreeningPort, Hamburg, Germany

Recent years have witnessed an expansion in the disciplines encompassing drug discovery outside the pharmaceutical industry. This is most notable with a significant number of universities worldwide that now host infrastructure such as compound libraries and automated screening centres[1-3]. An archetypal small molecule drug discovery project will aim to identify chemical starting points that modify the functions of genes, cells or biochemical pathways. In some, but not all instances, these functions may be linked to disease processes, and an opportunity will exist to further develop the probes into novel therapeutic agents. In small molecule drug discovery, the ultimate aim is to identify new therapeutics, an activity which for reasons of high risk and cost has historically been conducted within the commercial sectors[4].

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Roger Nordberg, Product Manager, GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare interviewed by European Pharmaceutical Review at Interphex 2012

Videos / 8 June 2012 / Freddy White, European Pharmaceutical Review

Roger Nordberg, Product Manager, GE Healthcare speaks to Freddy White, Director of the European Pharmaceutical Review at Interphex 2012.

Under the Microscope: Fredrik Sundberg, GE Healthcare

Issue 3 2011 / 20 June 2011 / Fredrik Sundberg, Global Director, Strategic Market Development, GE Healthcare

As a company whose expertise includes medical imaging and information technologies, performance improvement and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, GE Healthcare is well placed to support drug discovery innovation and productivity. With the Pharma industry moving away from blockbuster discoveries and focusing more on orphan drugs and rare diseases in the hopes of achieving medical breakthroughs with wider implications, GE Healthcare sees this impacting on the development of new drugs. “It will require faster, more flexible development capabilities and smaller-scale batch production operations,” Sundberg surmises. “It will be of key importance to try to decrease time-to-market (TTM) to get a return of investment as quickly as possible.”

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