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Stem cell nano drug delivery applications to treat diabetes

4 May 2016 | By , ,

Stem cell therapy is currently utilised in medicine for its application in tissue repair and regenerative medicine. Unique characteristics of stem cells, such as self-renewal and differentiation, allow its function to be applicable for therapeutic purposes. Nanotechnology and cell microencapsulation have been researched and used as a means to protect…

Nanotechnology tackles problems with noninvasive glucose monitoring

4 May 2016 | By , ,

For diabetes mellitus patients who treat themselves with insulin, the need to self-monitor blood glucose in order to establish their insulin dose is a major burden, and highlights the need to develop non-invasive glucose measurement technologies. Up until now, such non-invasive systems that also have adequate measurement performance under daily…

Polyelectrolyte complexes as nanoparticulate drug delivery systems

3 July 2015 | By Anita Umerska, University of Anger and Lidia Tajber, Trinity College Dublin

Polyelectrolyte complexes at the nanoscale (polyelectrolyte complex nanoparticles; PECNs) can be harnessed as drug delivery systems for a range of low molecular weight drugs as well as peptides and proteins. The mild method of manufacture of PECNs results in the protection of the loaded bioactive and the choice of polyions…

Particle characterisation in drug delivery

5 September 2014 | By Driton Vllasaliu and Ishwar Singh, University of Lincoln

The use of materials in nano-scale dimensions is proving to be a promising approach to overcome drug delivery challenges. ‘Nanomedicine’ technologies are gradually achieving commercial success and reaching the clinic. Sub-micron nanocarriers have the potential to ferry the therapeutic to its site of action and in this process overcome the…

Syrris Atlas has the Midas touch with nanoparticles

21 January 2014 | By kdm communications limited

Spanish biotechnology company Midatech Biogune is taking advantage of Syrris Atlas Potassium reactor systems to produce custom-made functionalized gold nanoparticles for medicinal use...