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Application Note: MicroNIR PAT for blend monitoring

18 January 2016 | By

The aim of Quality by Design (QbD) is to build quality into a product and process from the outset. The pharmaceutical and related industries utilise powder blending operations to make solid dose drugs, yet the phenomena of powder mixing is the least understood of all sciences.

Application note: Enhancing reaction understanding with online NMR reaction monitoring – application to chemical route development

11 January 2016 | By Anna L. Dunn, Analytical Research and Development, Pfizer, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin / Anna Codina, Bruker UK Limited / David A. Foley and Mark T. Zell, Analytical Research and Development, Pfizer

In this work, we demonstrate the complementarity of NMR and infrared (IR) spectroscopy and show the use of NMR to improve the understanding and robustness of the synthesis of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) precursor...