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Whitepapers & App Notes

Application note: Rapid identification of illicit drug substances using thermal desorption coupled with a portable toroidal trap GC/MS system

1 July 2017 | By

This study describes the injection, separation, and identification of 16 drugs compounds in less than 10 minutes using portable gas chromatograph-toroidal ion trap mass spectrometry (PerkinElmer, Torion® T-9 Portable GC/MS) combined with a coiled-wire-filament (CWF) sampling injector to provide an effective tool for onsite analysis of illicit drugs substances...

Whitepaper: Bacterial identification database

26 June 2017 | By

This whitepaper examines the Eurofins Microbial Sequencing Index (EMSI) database which contains over 9,000 full gene sequences of type strains and explains why reliable analytical methods are so vital in microbiology...