Application Notes & Whitepapers 2018

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Keeping up with the latest developments in pharma.

Whitepapers and App Notes supplement 2018

Welcome to the Application Notes and Whitepaper supplement of European Pharmaceutical Review, December 2018.

This year’s topics range from API development, cleanroom contamination and water purification through to mass spectrometry, Raman spectroscopy and quality and regulatory compliance.

The theme of data runs throughout, with companies advising on how to manage data transitions and data integrity, and the benefits of laboratory information management systems (LIMS) in the industry.

We hope you enjoy the supplement and would like to thank everyone for their contributions. Some of the Application Notes and Whitepapers are abridged here, in which case the full versions are available to download at

In this edition:


Representative sampling of solids and turbid media in process raman spectroscopy

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witec_logoA high-quality Raman microscope can be recognised by these 5 criteria

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Wickham Labs logoMicrobiological considerations in cleanroom validation

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pharmafluidics_logoCharacterising antibody-drug conjugates using micro pillar array columns combined with mass spectrometry (μPAC™-MS)

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suez_logoReal time, low flow, pharmaceutical soil cleanability profiling with TOC and conductivity

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osisoft logoBig Data in pharmaceuticals – big opportunities or big challenges or both?

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ACD Labs logoTracking fate and purge of impurities and calculating carryover

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The future of water is clear

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idbs logoTransforming your bioanalysis operations

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Are you facing a complexity crisis?

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abbott_logoQuality manufacturing solution – interfacing with third-party systems

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pms_logoThe importance of data integrity in current regulation

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thermo_logoBiologic drug identification at fill and finish

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thermo_logoVerification of three different Opadry whites using a handheld Raman analyser

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perigord_logoFocus on the fundamentals

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